What is intrinsic Consulting?

At intrinsic Consulting we advise management personnel from a variety of industries on aspects of transformation. In coaching sessions and one-to-one discussions, we spell out the potential that can unfold from intrinsically motivated change within a company. And we implement processes and instruments so that you can target how to use this potential, enabling the digital transformation to generate greater freedom and more values.

Why is intrinsic Consulting needed?

Transformation is happening here and now, and companies have two possible ways of reacting to it. They can either respond to it reactively or anticipate it with relish and shape it using the company’s internally generated impetus. Many businesses are therefore engaging with their “WHY” – their purpose and self-motivated mission. This is important and an absolutely essential factor in today’s competitive environment, in which companies are often indistinguishable in terms of their “WHAT”. However, at intrinsic Consulting we always focus on what motivates and stimulates the workforce. This stems from our belief that the “WHY” of a company can only unleash its power if it is reflected in the motivation and individual ambitions of the management and staff.

intrinsic makes expertise on all aspects of learning available to everyone. This is achieved with the help of a digital networking platform, publications and events. intrinsic aims to go beyond the debate, and help make the network more international, boosting the establishment of the community by adding infrastructure and moderators. Today there are already thousands of examples of excellent work in the state education system.

Teaching staff make use of freedoms within the curriculum and are encouraged by open-minded school leaders. Thanks to this, the transformation of the Volksschule (primary school) is already under way today. Reform of the educational culture is throwing firmly held beliefs into question. This can seem threatening and cause uncertainty. It is therefore important to discuss issues that arise and work out answers to specific questions with the aim of reaching an open-minded outcome.

  • Launch an in-depth debate on the education of the future
  • Promote meetings among the community
  • Network people who are interested in self-organized learning

There is a need for a readable overview of the current debate about learning. We would like to see the paradigm shift in education integrated into the general social change from the industrial age to the age of information. Publication could take the form of conventional book or some other published format.

Analysis of potential. What would be the (economic) benefit of reforming our schools for children and society? What kind of school does the economy need? We … and combine our vision with studies and well-founded research????? Two economists were asked to calculate the economic potential of school reform.?????

Furthermore, we will continue to take inspiring ideas, existing literature and research from the intrinsic environment and make it accessible. Organized events can bring people together in unfamiliar combinations, allowing them to come up with refreshing ideas. In addition to the positive effects of public appeal and presence in the media, events also centre around the acquisition of knowledge. Change can only occur through the development of awareness. Various events support the debate and thus the transformation process.