A change creates freedom.

In the age of industrialization, the question of how to guarantee our existence had one ubiquitous answer: work. Work gave you what you needed. And because we constantly wanted more, we had to work more and more, and with ever-increasing efficiency. Now the arrival of the digital age has thrown our old beliefs into question. Productivity is becoming dissociated from the efforts of human labour. The economy, and therefore our well-being, are growing less and less dependent on our work. Suddenly we are free to ask radical new questions: what do I really want to do?

In the whole of human history, we have never enjoyed greater freedom to find our own individual answers to this question. More and more people are beginning to pursue their own ambitions and values. More and more people are implementing their visions and linking up with others who share their position. And as they do so, they are discovering that besides gaining personal freedom they can also cover their economic needs at the same time. This is because intrinsically motivated people experience greater meaning and fulfilment in their work and are therefore better equipped to meet the challenges of the digital world around them in an agile way.

intrinsic connects people who embrace and fuel the paradigm shift. We provide a range of services aimed at groups with specific questions:

intrinsic CAMPUS

For teachers working with us towards the school of the future. We see ourselves as an educational platform providing opportunities for initial and further training based on our intrinsic methodology.

intrinsic LEARNING LAB

For companies, their employees and private individuals: our coaching courses, tools and processes enable you to tackle learning objectives systematically, based on our intrinsic methodology.

intrinsic CONSULTING

For entrepreneurs and managers dealing with issues around transformation: we provide advice and coaching, and show the potential of change managed by intrinsic motivation

intrinsic is a company that seeks to build on and develop these three areas. We are on a constant learning curve, acquiring new experiences and expanding our circle of adherents. We have an emerging network of personalities working enthusiastically together to mould the future.


Christian Müller                      &                   Daniel Straub,

Founders of intrinsic