Daniel Straub has worked in Afghanistan with the ICRC. His aim was to offer help where it was most needed. He organized food supply logistics for rural villages and conducted discussions with people in situations of need and distress. After a while he came to the realization that, as meaningful as this work was, it was not really for him, so he went in search of a task more suited to his natural temperament. Above all, Daniel is interested in the theory that for each and every individual there is always a task that suits them – and vice versa: for every job there is a person who will have the inner motivation to enjoy tackling it. The subject of an “unconditional basic income” provided Daniel with the task he was looking for. In partnership with a number of others, he set up a popular initiative to open up a long-term debate on the topic in Swiss politics. And then, because Daniel loves doing things for the first time, he immediately moved on to his next project: intrinsic. Here again we come across the idea of the personal match: with intrinsic, Daniel wants to help people find their own inner vision and implement it in a coordinated way. And it may be that in this Daniel has found his perfect task. The ideal match is something he embraces in his private life too, with his patchwork family in Zurich.

Christian Müller casts his eye over the world and what he sees is creative freedom. He has a conviction that much more is possible. He works to expand the realm of opportunities and make it accessible to more people. This has led him to start a number of businesses – and become politically active as well. It started with a local vegetable-growers’ cooperative. That was later joined by a cooperative for communal living. And then, after an excursion into federal politics, the idea for intrinsic evolved. In all his projects he has been able to bring together people of very different backgrounds to create communities around an idea – communities that try out new things and explore freedoms, that set out to discover new experiences and insights. For him, this is the essence of intrinsic, the company he launched with Daniel in 2017. What he really wants is to make it possible to experience a fundamentally new way of accessing education – he believes that only a new type of education can bring about a new type of understanding. Christian cultivates freedoms with a candid commitment to pleasure. He has set up a commune around this principle, sharing a house in Schaffhausen with his partner, three daughters and thirteen other people.