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KAOSPILOT Masterclass: Zurich

Designing & Facilitating Learning Spaces: Part 1


Wir freuen uns sehr, mit den dänischen KAOSPILOTEN zu kooperieren!

Wir starten die erste KAOSPILOT Masterclass in Zürich.

Achtung: Erstmalig in der Schweiz, beliebt und nur noch 20 Plätze frei!


The course is aimed towards higher education, college and university educators and program directors as well as trainers, consultants and edu-preneurs. The Designing & Facilitating Learning Spaces Masterclass will introduce, explore and train participants in experiential learning and teaching and the art of facilitation & curating the pursuit of knowledge through learning processes, strategies, increased engagement & safe OFFLINE & HYBRID learning spaces.

The KAOSPILOT, the alternative business, design & leadership education in Denmark, in collaboration with INTRINSIC, the Network for Applied Education Revolution will run, for the 1st time in Switzerland, it's acclaimed 3 day masterclass to enable educators, facilitators & trainers to explore experiential ways of learning in order to inspire and facilitate creativity, engagement, innovation & risk in OFFLINE & HYBRID learning design, spaces & education. Over 7000 teachers & trainers trained since 2011!

Participants will be introduced to the unique ‘opportunity based pedagogy’ and competency model of the Kaospilot, which has been developed over 30+ years from working with young dynamic learners & leaders and by exploring the potential in transformational education.

Through imaginative interpretation, «hacking» and creative application of your curriculum, new pedagogical and methodological processes will be explored which will challenge and update the elementary approach to learning and content delivery.


If you would like to register or contact the course director please mail

€700 as part of our ed2ed, Public & not 4 profit low cost EDUCATION SERIES. Contact Simon for a discount code, if you are a FT teacher or a public sector, N4P or NGO worker.

€1400 for private (non-ed) participants, consultants or trainers.

The masterclass is 3 full days (09.00am - 17.00pm) and allows for a maximum of 24 participants.



Zahnradstrasse 22

8005 Zurich

Facilitator:Simon Kavanagh (Course director)

Watch here what it's like!


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