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Leadership im Bildungskontext

Heute haben sich Intrinsic-Studierende mit Leadership im Bildungskontext auseinandergesetzt. Danke Melanie Kovacs für den inspirierenden Input und die spannende Diskussion!

Melanie Kovacs says:
What makes a leader? Charisma, vision, authority, a team?
I just had the pleasure to talk about my view on leadership - joyful leadership with the education pioneers from Intrinsic. It was a pleasure to discuss the three myths around leadership and redefine it with you.

Thanks Intrinsic for having me.

I‘m super happy that you are prototyping the future of teacher education.

All kids will be lucky to have you as teachers.

We need more leaders like you – who take responsibility for your values and make change happen.

Rahel Bucher, Karin Jungen, Hanna Landolt Stüssi, Martina Schlumpf

What a fantastic platform you are offering Christian Müller and Christine Koenig


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