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Opening Intrinsic – empowered by Learnlife

Danke für euren schönen Besuch – und dass ihr ein Stück Learnlife nach Zürich gebracht habt, liebe Ulrike Suwwan und Christopher Pommerening!

Ulrike sagt:

It is done! I just came back from wonderful Zurich (Switzerland) where we opened our first partner Learnlife Learnhub with the lovely people from Intrinsic in a beautiful old industrial loft style place.

And this is just the start. Upcoming hubs are in Lusaka (Zambia), Noosa (Australia), Bern (Switzerland), Samara (Costa Rica), Bristol (UK), Porto Alegre (Brazil) and about 150 more in our pipeline worldwide.

Our Learnhub partners receive a knowledge transfer of all the evidence based practices from our Barcelona Learnhubs. Everything to successfully launch and run your own Learnlife branded Learnhub in your city. Everything you need to guide learners of all ages in truly self-determined learning.

And our pilot for our big lighthouse for lifelong learning in Hamburg as a big model Learnhub is on the way as well! (The first cohort starts with the next academic year in Hamburg- Bramfeld.)

Super exciting times.

If you think traditional school in your place is just not meeting the needs of your learning community, please feel free to reach out.


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