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♥ ROBIN MÜLLER ♥ Herzlich willkommen im Team Intrinsic!

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Robin Müller nach seinem Einsatz mit Thaki im Libanon zusammen mit Georg Gusewski den #edupreneur-Studiengang aufbaut – in Kooperation mit dem Intrinsic-Studiengangteam Franziska Lauk, Eva Isberg Kohli und Dani Burg!

Das sagt Thaki über Robin:

Robin Muller has a prolific background in the education and innovation fields and loves to use his skills to tackle new challenges. Robin’s connection to Thaki. Unlock their potential was a lovely coincidence: while participating in the Jacobs Foundation Hackathon he saw Thaki founder Rudayna Abdo presenting Thaki and he got in touch. Fast forward to today, Robin is currently in Lebanon and helping Thaki with our Digital Toolkit helping develop the curriculum about the SDGs.

“At the beginning, I was overwhelmed but I found a way to integrate my previous knowledge into the work. I was partially managing a program that worked with a challenge-based approach, and I realized that it was easy to adapt it to this context. Many of the activities and methodologies focus on urging the students to get active while doing something for their own environment. Right now, and particularly in Lebanon, it’s so important for kids to learn how to deal with global challenges like waste, that they can use within their local environment and challenges,” he says. And we couldn’t agree more!



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